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» To develop a company is so creative
like to paint a picture or write a book.

 Phil Knight

For more than 20 years CARGO METALL GmbH has been specialized in export and import of Aluminium and Lead. CARGO Metall is one of few companies that import these products directly from the Russian Federation and Bulgaria. Our company benefits from this niche and has got an excellent international reputation due to the high-grade quality of our products and a favourable price-performance ratio.

Our customers are always persuaded of our service. We set a high value on partnership and long standing business relations with our partners and clients. 

Our small, highly motivated team is able to react flexibly to requirements of the market and executes all individual requirements of our customers with utmost care. Due to our long experience in international Metal Trade we are able to act on the metal market with foresight as well as offer all imaginable services around the first quality product. Our slogan: Punctuality and Trustiness.


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