The team of Cargo Metall is small but very efficient – The external and internal communication functions with heart and mind. And: Always with the utmost energy putting in the search for ideal solutions to give you entire satisfaction.
Martin Stojanov

Managing Director

+49 (0)345- 685 65 -005

+49 (0)345- 685 65 -001

Languages: German, Bulgarian, English, Russian, (Polish)

Alina Zayika

Management Assistent

+49 (0)345- 685 65 -000

+49 (0)345- 685 65 -001

Languages: German, English, Russian, French, Italian

Jürgen Schneider

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

+49 (0)345- 685 65 -004

+49 (0)345- 685 65 -001

Languages: German, English

Galina Vasileva

Official Import / Export

+49 (0)345- 685 65 -003

+49 (0)345- 685 65 -001

Languages: Bulgarian, German, English, Russian


The carriage of our products forms an important part of our business activities and due to country-specific requirements it requires a global knowledge and reliable business partners. For years we have been working with leading, certified, European logistics companies that offer our customers within Germany and abroad a flexible confident delivery of our products in due time.


In the course of time we created a global finance network that consists of different banks, brokers, factoring- associations and finance service providers. In collaboration with this network, it is possible for us to deliver favoured raw material to our customers as well as to supply them with all important finance services for the increase of their business success.