Environment protection

Nowadays our world is characterized by constantly increasing development and foreseeable resource problems so the recycling becomes more and more important in the manufacture of products.

Aluminium is a raw material that can be recycled at 100 % and whose quality is not affected negatively after further recycling actions as long as the preparations had been effected carefully and conscientiously.

We pay high attention to the quality of our products by purchasing!


The carriage of our products forms an important part of our business activities and due to country-specific requirements it requires a global knowledge and reliable business partners. For years we have been working with leading, certified, European logistics companies that offer our customers within Germany and abroad a flexible confident delivery of our products in due time.


In the course of time we created a global finance network that consists of different banks, brokers, factoring- associations and finance service providers. In collaboration with this network, it is possible for us to deliver favoured raw material to our customers as well as to supply them with all important finance services for the increase of their business success.