We offer Lead in two different processings. You can find the specifiactions of our products in the list below.

Primary and Secondary Leads and Lead Alloys

soft lead, antimony, calcium, copper or other alloys for manufacturing batteries, cable insulation, radiation shielding, roofing plates, foil or weight purposes

Battery Applications Soft Lead 99,99
Soft Lead 99,985
Soft Lead 99,975
Lead Antimony Alloys
Lead Tin Alloys
Roofing Applications Lead Copper Alloys
Cable Insulations /
Radiation Shielding
Lead Tellurium Alloy
Lead Tin Alloy
Shapes Ingots ca. 30-40kg
Blocks 0,9-1,5 t

The carriage of our products forms an important part of our business activities and due to country-specific requirements it requires a global knowledge and reliable business partners. For years we have been working with leading, certified, European logistics companies that offer our customers within Germany and abroad a flexible confident delivery of our products in due time.


In the course of time we created a global finance network that consists of different banks, brokers, factoring- associations and finance service providers. In collaboration with this network, it is possible for us to deliver favoured raw material to our customers as well as to supply them with all important finance services for the increase of their business success.