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» There is no other cheering feeling which is stronger than to feel that you are able to do something for other people. 

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Just for many years we have been engaged in a project in Africa whose activities are based on the concept “Help to Self-Help”

The African girl supported by our company is supplied not only with quality food but also with all necessary  means for learning a profession. It gives her a good possibility to earn money afterwards. Rose will become a dressmaker and we are happy to see her enthusiasm for the work she does. In the recent letter she wrote: 

Rose Dama Kenga

» Rose Dama kenga, finished the college 2007, she did all the exams, Tailoring and Dressmaking grade three and she passed them all. Rose Dama kenga is an orphan no father no mother, so after finishing her course we decided to take her in our new work shop at malinidi, so she still with us at work shop at malindi. «